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    AS Athletic Hall is a state-of-the-art privately owned gym, complete with Pilates and Yoga studio, and fully equipped with top of the range fitness machines such as Keizer Functional Trainer and Total Gym Gravity System. In AS Personal Trainers and Physiotherapists work together and combine their skills to help gym members achieve their goals easy, safe and absolutely risk-free.

    AS Athletic Hall was founded by Antonis Sturaitis - an accredited Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist. Pursuing a very successful career in the fitness and health industry for more than 20 years, Antonis insists on educating his clients to exercise safely and correctly. Antonis will get the full medical history of each member, assess one’s physical condition and create individualised plans targeting the maximum benefits in fitness and health. Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor and Physiotherapist will join forces to make sure that members work out to the maximum of their capacity with absolutely no risk involved. To ensure that our members receive the proper individualised care, we only offer very small group fitness classes or one-to-one sessions.

    Pilates like every other kind of physical exercise, is not simple and could be unsuitable or even harmful if done incorrectly.

    In AS Athletic Hall we introduce Clinical Pilates (Pilates Rehabilitation), a version different from Classic Pilates Fitness usually taught in most gyms.
    Clinical Pilates is an amended version, most suitable for the majority of gym members.

    If you aim at perfect fitness, general well-being or even at maximising your athletic capacity (whether you be an amateur or a pro), AS Athletic Hall will instruct you how to gradually and perpetually improve your skills.

    AS Athletic Hall

    AS Athletic Hall, the quality of movement

    Antonis Sturaitis

    AS Athletic Hall

    In AS ATHLETIC HALL we work out because we love our body...
    Working out in AS ATHLETIC HALL is not an obsession; it is a safe way to achieve perfect health and well-being.

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    60, Kapodistriou Avenue, 14235, Filothei, Athens
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